Jessore Sadhar, in the 3rd seat of the popular support of Shahin || Episode-1

** Jessore Sadar upazila, 15 union representatives and  people linked to the investigative report is the 1st episode

Shahin will get why! Why is not Nabil? What is the fault of Tito?

Muntasir Mamun and ataullah Mim: Jessore district Awami League secretary and chairman of Sadar upazila in Jessore Sadar -3 Shaheen Chaklader upcoming parliamentary elections to be nominated from the seat of a member of parliament is expected. Grassroots buzz is spreading to the town hall. 24/7 khanajanahana Ali has continued to monitor the grassroots, 15 union representatives have set their mobile phone ear. Some indication of the Board’s nomination at the Shaheen saw chakladar News Team khanajanaali 24/7. What percentage of the people surveyed said that cakaladarake Shaheen Kazi Nabil Ahmed MP wants and what percentage are trying to present. What percentage of people trying to titoke Khaledur Rahman, a former lawmaker. Nabil asking why or why not sahinakei? Who is Tito, why not? Nabil Shahin why or why not again? Or why not Tito? The subject of the search and leave the headquarters of the local representatives to call and want to resolve this question khanajahanaali 247 News team. Read at the beginning of the investigative team to search embarrassing situation. October 6 at 8:13 minutes, from bitter experience is gained. Sadar Upazila Chairman Ahsanur Rahman Litu suburb union representatives and local government Sadar Upazila in all types of public facilities, they accomplish, district Awami League secretary yuyoga benefit from all kinds of people. He also said there was no complaints against the district council Litu’s position was clear. I want to ask, how is the support of the Pakistani Shaheen Chaklader nomination? But the rude attitude, she began to half of the questions and said: No, no, I can not talk about this on the phone, the phone will not say anything, brother. When asked about his support requests him, he said the same thing again, He can not talk on the phone to say it face to face. This is the era of recording any talk on the phone a brother. According to him, we are reminded punahraya journalists not always possible for us to come face-to-face position I’m in Dhaka. She then said, I understand, is what makes you a journalist? I do not want any of his brother on the phone. You can not say he saw our news? Still, he said, do not have to fix all these things can not be said on the phone from the district council, which is 15 percent, which gives the union we receive it. He was again asked to say something about the district Awami League secretary Shahin Chaklader. He is not in response to any of my phone’s not talk on behalf of anyone, because you’ll all come to the council. The first stage of the awkward situation that we’ve talked with analysts, as they say ” Whether the journalist or any other organization to verify whether the key political figures and representatives of nai Chaklader Shaheen had been expected to also nominated MP, about him as a chairman of the heart, which have experienced a short period of time, but balatai claims “about the recording of the era asked about this point, why would any andaraoyalda spastha business transactions Ena have not asked that the recordings of the fears. Chairman Litu the behavior condemned, they said bodhakari two boats has legs. Information does not help with the media representatives of the behavior of the positive signals pays, said analysts. The same date night 11: 46 minutes on the phone to his own statements Litu change. since the phone despite repeated requests to give a statement on behalf of aniha He rakasa, So dbitiya khanajahanaali 247 times the phones during the news did not take his statement. Khaledur Rahman Tito, Nabil Ahmed, and Shaheen Chaklader from these three nominations, for whom, and why do you expect? At sea, the I Shaheen chakladar nomination forward, 005 from the disaster started from the 7 years of all the oppressed people are with and janagana her to the very happy to talk to him, the call is available in trouble stand beside aid and he the only one that did not Kashimpur prayed for the people. Why do not you support or Tito Nabil? In response to the sea, Tito brother can not mingle with the masses of the people have replied to the MP Nabil Ahmed miraculous way, but until today no party man to speak with the people there is no connection. 5 people may not find many people in the village. They paid back the supporters. He gave Shaheen cakaladarake nimenesana Jessore Sadar not only will benefit the rest of the 5 asanao. Shaheen’s brother is still out there suffering if people rushed to the team play like a bird whatever it is day or night. Shaheen gave him the nomination in the history of Bangladesh to win the most votes, he added. Kochua Union Parishad Chairman and UP AL secretary Lutfur Rahman, general secretary of this union for 41 years and twice elected chairman. Shaheen chakladar my long political career as an active leader, I have received too little. I’m a hundred percent support Chaklader Shaheen. And we have 15 UP ‘ Together with the chairman of the Prime Minister Shahin cakaladera smarakapatrao sent more than nominations. Curamanakathi chairman Abdul Mannan said Munna, who I’m meeting now sits with 500 people Shahin everyone’s support. Mohit Nath MP Nabil Group adopted because the terrorists have tried to kill me several times. I went to the party during the remand so much pressure on me was backed aoyamiliga. Deputy AL Secretary Shahin Chaklader Munna said about the 5-year-old boy to the police or any other government job gets all the party people were not able to have all the benefits without it. Support from the private Shaheen chakladar whether you? In the meantime, says Munna does not support. Khaledur Rahman Tito, Nabil Ahmed, and Shaheen, whose nomination should be Chaklader do you think? Tito said in response to aspects of Munna ‘ None League. Mr. Nabil my union has formed a unit convener 4/5 of all cases and 11 people and killed at least 10 people in 1 AL and BNP supporters. Mr. MP who I am! Mubaila karichi charged my mubaila, right out wanted the killer thief dakatigera kamititi nechena why. “Pretty good Chaklader (Shaheen Chaklader). Chakladar support these environments that dakali are available. Huge danger parali Chaklader caile comes Njie. Nabil sahebare August 15, inviting them to call after asapane, asapena when you are no longer on the side of the thieves and robbers phaiba Committee dakali 10 karichena why they are also not asape. these suine r kaite Lo. I want to say to her brother, my mother’s going to maire, cancer, disease has bisukha, leader gili 100/500 MPs do not want to give her more than airama Chaklader (Shaheen Chaklader) of the medicine-man good.

(To Be Continue…)

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